Ten Spoon Vineyard + Winery


Ten Spoon Vineyard, Missoula, Montana

In 1998, we began planting French-American hybrids: Maréchal Foch, Frontenac, Leon Millot, Swenson Red and St. Croix (reds), and St. Pepin, a white grape on our pasture 3 miles north of Missoula, Montana.

Even with a short growing season at 3,450 feet elevation, we have the Far North’s advantage of long hours of sunlight. That gives us well over 2,000 degree days, the amount necessary for the commercial production of grapes. (Degree days are the sum of average temperatures each day over 50 degrees Fahrenheit.)

In 2012 we planted 2.5 more acres, adding Lois Swenson and Landot 4511 grapes, with a wildlife corridor between vineyards. Fertile soil, pure water and an evening wash of air from the Rattlesnake Mountains help nurture our 7 acres of vines.

Pheasant Valley Vineyard, Hood River, Oregon

Nestled in the foothills above the Columbia Gorge, with Mt. Hood crowning the horizon to the south, Scott and Gayle Hagee’s Pheasant Valley Vineyard provides us with top quality Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris grapes.

Oak Ridge Vineyard, Husum, Washington

Marlene and Thomas Woodward grow outstanding Gewürztraminer in Husum, Washington, on the south side of Mt. Adam. Each fall they drive their freshly harvested grapes to meet us in Hood River.

Harold Pleasant’s Vineyard, Prosser, Washington

Harold Pleasant enjoys a long growing season on a high bench south of the Yakima River, one of the last places to freeze in the Northwest.  He produces magnificent Sirah and Cabernet Franc for Ten Spoon.

Clark Fork Vineyard, Ninemile, Montana

West of Missoula, on a bench above the Clark Fork River, Jorge and Vicki Oaxaca planted 2.5 acres of robust, cold hardy grapes—Marquette, Maréchal Foch and Frontenac—that we blend in our Range Rider Red wine.

Saddle House Vineyard, Missoula, Montana

Just below the saddle of Mt. Jumbo, in a warm microclimate 400 feet higher than Ten Spoon, M.J. and Mike Schutte planted a small 1.4 acre vineyard that produces quality North Country grapes—St. Pepin and Maréchal Foch.


Fat Robin Orchard, Finley Point, Flathead Lake, Montana

High above the deep blue waters of Flathead Lake, Lise Rousseau and Al Silva maintain an 11-acre cherry orchard, growing delicious Lamberts, Lapins and Van cherries.

Ramrock Orchard, Yellow Bay, Flathead Lake, Montana

Named for the bighorn sheep that traverse the cliffs above the orchard, ramrock provides magnificent cherries produced by owner Ed Grezich.

Oliver DePuis’s Orchard

South of Flathead Lake, Salish tribal member Oliver DePuis grows flawless Skeena cherries on his land east of Polson.