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    Dry White Wine (Dry Riesling)

    A touch of honey and lime, with floral and spice notes introduce this clean, crisp, dry wine that opens with a kiwi hint–good acid balanced with fruit and spice–finishing clean.

    Over the past six million years, the Colorado River has cut through more than two billion years of geologic history, a mile deep, exposing the earth’s deep history and awe-inspiring beauty. This wine celebrates the magnificent river as well as the rare condor, returning to the canyon in one of the U.S.’s greatest recovery stories. A dollar a bottle of Canyon Cutter goes to the Peregrine Fund for condor recovery. The condor is likely the inspiration for the magical Thunderbird, a sacred, supernatural bird of power and strength in Native America cultures across the continent.

    Appellation: Columbia Gorge
    Winemaker: Andy Sponseller
    Composition: 100% Pinot Gris
    Alcohol: 12.5%
    organic, no added sulfites.